Avoid account takeover fraud

Replace passwords with secure yet simple app for customers to use

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Lots of insecure passwords

Lots of complex passwords
Putting you in charge

Putting you in charge - verify your identity once, reuse again & again


The Customer is the password

You become the password


Fast & simple

Fast & simple

Quickly confirms the identity of your customers online

Increased security

Increased security

Account takeover due to weak passwords will be a thing of the past

Easy integration

$Easy integration

$Simple API change to an existing KYC verification, done in less than a day



$We have built this on blockchain to decentralise the solution


We will help you customise the whole process to be as seamless and customer friendly as possible whilst also aligning it to your companies risk profile for AML/KYC verifications.

Amend your Customer on-boarding process to create a CitizenPass for you Customers

Amend your Customer on-boarding process

Update your login page and/or payment verification pages

Update your login page

Use Cases

icon financial

Financial services

Allowing Customers to approve and manage their finance simply and securely Read more

icon crypto


Allowing Customers to buy and send their crypto-currency, such as Bitcoin, anywhere on the globe Read more

icon ecommerce


Allowing secure login and check-out for your Customers Read more

icon age related

Age-related regulation

Where you only need an attribute and not a full Identity check before allowing a Customer to use or view a service Read more

icon gaming

Online gaming

Making the deposits and bets simpler and more secure for your Customers. Read more

icon any service

Any Service

Whenever a Customer needs a secure login or re-authentication that is seamless within an application Read more


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Each CitizenPass account we create for re-authentication

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Each time a user re-authenticates with your service

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