Be the password

Identity verification can be a challenge, simplify it with CitizenPass, the FREE app that makes you the password.

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Lots of complex passwords

Lots of complex passwords
Putting you in charge

Putting you in charge - verify your identity once, reuse again & again


You become the password

You become the password

How it works

Choose CitizenPass

Choose CitizenPass

See the CitizenPass logo next to a login on a website (on a mobile) and press it

Verify it’s you

Verify it’s you

Use your fingerprint, voice or a selfie to complete the login

Login successful!

Login successful!

You’re logged into your account, securely and simply

For Businesses

Reduce fraud by 33% and increase customer engagement simply by adding CitizenPass to your website. Our offering will increase your revenue and decrease your security expenses instantly.

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For individuals

Trying to remember your passwords is a futile exercise. It also makes you vulnerable to hackers and fraud. With CitizenPass you’ll never need to remember your passwords and worry you are the latest victim of data breach.

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    One simple sign up process

    Register your identity once on the app and use it to sign in to any CitizenPass compatible service.

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    Quick and easy everytime

    All you need is your mobile and your fingerprint, selfie or voice to verify who you are.

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    Absolutely free

    Using CitizenPass app to verify who you are will never cost you a penny.

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    Safe & Secure

    We use revolutionary technology to ensure that data is secure, nobody can pretend to be you!